A Little About Ray

Remember, He’s Older Than Bluegrass!

Ray Page Cricket

I was born and raised on a farm in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri where I trapped mink and bought my first banjo while still a senior at Ava High. After graduation I joined the U S Navy and became an Air Traffic Controller.

Later on, I attended San Diego City College where I took various classes on script and commercial writing.  While in college I formed a Bluegrass band, “The Ozark Mountaineers” playing TV/ Radio and Clubs. One of our highlights was the many appearances on “The Regis Philbin TV Show” in the 60’s in San Diego.

I produced several bluegrass shows in Oregon and Washington State and also took the time to work with Wintergrass in Tacoma and Stevenson, WA. I’m currently living in Owasso Oklahoma. I spend hours every day trying to perfect my song writing skills. I like performing but I especially like turning thoughts into songs! I occasionally pen fun filled songs like “The Chigger Song” , “The Cross-eyed Cricket & The Bow-legged Frog” and “I’d Give a Whole Dollar Just to Get Another Nickle”… however my specialty is Purpose Driven Gospel and Story Telling Bluegrass!!!

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I’ve finally found a publisher who is going somewhere.

Mountain Fever Publishing of Willis, Virginia

Throughout the years I have talked to numerous band members about my songs and was told “If they were published I would have a better chance of getting one or two picked up.” I finally found a publisher I felt very comfortable with so I signed with Mountain Fever Publishing.

When I first approached Mark Hodges (The President) to write for him he had no idea who I was or could I even write a song. After talking on the phone for some time I wanted to meet him so my wife Bobbie and I drove over to Willis. We stayed 3 days… Nice, friendly town. Jammed for many hours with the locals. Mark was very congenial and his staff was awesome, Especially Amanda Cook .

On the way there, my wife Bobbie and I saw a road sign on the Interstate. “The Cross-eyed Cricket”. That’s where the song came from. You’ll have to like the characters in the band… it’s my example of true, fun filled Bluegrass!!!

While there, it was said that Bluegrassers always liked “Killin” songs, so I wrote “The Young Girl With No Name” (A liquor store robbery gone bad).

My most poignant songs are Little Jessica Rose. A little girl who got the virus. And “Pretty Little Dresses” a story about drug babies these are tear jerkers.

Although my library does have a wide variety of Bluegrass and Country songs, my heart leans heavily toward the Gospel. My songs could help fill a bands needs for that “Sunday Morning Bluegrass Gospel Show.” Also, many of the Biblical stories I have woven into my Gospel Writings could be used in the joyful, soul saving works of the all Gospel road bands.  

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks Ray Page Jr.