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 Song TitleGenreDescriptionListenLyrics
53A Cabin by a StreamOld time Trad Grandpa's teachingsn/a
85There's a Cabin By a StreamCountryGrandpas teaching to a young boyLyrics
83The Young Girl With No Name
CountryRobbery killing hangingLyrics
81The Watermelon BluesCountryHumor about Stealing watermelonsLyrics
80The Tradgedy of Billy & Sarah JaneCountryKilling of a blind boy
by girls father
79The soft winds of love
CountryMilitary Irish soldier love songLyrics
78The Old Family FarmCountryOld time Held together by memories from good days...Lyrics
77The Lemonade BluesCountryHumor Lazy loving husband helping wife...Lyrics
76The Last Summer RainCountry Drugs related death Lyrics
74The Ghost Of MarieCountryLove song killing triangleLyrics
73The Forgotten Is Forgotten Once MoreCountryMilitary Veterans dying killing with no help Lyrics
69The Cross Eyed CricketCountryHumor Fun filled Bluegrass song Lyrics
65Take Me Back To Lower ColumbiaCountryClawhammer banjoLyrics
64Sweet Willa Don't You WeepCountryHumor Lost love 1960's Bluegrass Lyrics
63Still I Love YouCountryLingering love tho she is goneLyrics
62Springtime In Peaceful ValleyCountryNursing home death with no one there to comfortLyrics
61Some Day I Will Loose All This SorrowCountryWimpy husband in love with spend thrift wifeLyrics
60Smoke In The Great SmokiesCountrySmokey Mountain love
set to barn burning lyrics
59SasquatchCountryHumor Sasquatch true identityLyrics
56Oh!! ChiggerCountryHumor Little red bug Has over 5000 hits Lyrics
55Not Thinking of YouCountryMemories linger on and pretending notn/a
54My Sweet VirginiaCountryWoman or State of VA.Lyrics
51Memories Of HomeCountryRegrets of leaving home and wanting to go backLyrics
47Lonesome Ole TrainCountrySlow train going homeLyrics
45Linda Lou - Linda LouCountryHumor about lost loveLyrics
42Let's Dance (One More)CountryMilitary Overcoming a war disability with determinationLyrics
40Just one old ManCountryOld time trad Asking God why Lyrics
39Judy.. Why Did You Go?CountryOld time She left him all alone
35Is It ok If I CryCountryLifelong dreams cut short
by death of another
30I'd Give A Whole DollarCountryHumor overwhelmed with love from wifeLyrics
20He's Playing Bluegrass NowCountryHe saw a girl banjo player and quit electric for bluegrassLyrics
19He Only Saw Them In His MindCountryOld time Blind man and photo album...Lyrics
13Drifting on the Mighty MississippiCountryA prisoner dreams of escapingLyrics
10Darling I Just Want You to KnowCountryOld time He is telling her of his enormous love Lyrics
8Big Jake and Little BobCountryHumor dog guarding truck for bank robberLyrics
7Beyond the Prison Walls of TimeCountryDelusional convict in prisonLyrics
97You Can Rest AssuredGospelSaved without a doubt because of knowing JesusLyrics
96You Ask Me Why I SingGospelI sing because of knowing JesusLyrics
95Why Don't You Lay It DownGospelLeave your burdens at the cross comforterLyrics
94Where Was GodGospelGod is always thereLyrics
93When the last bird singsGospelWhen you die where will you goLyrics
92When The Death Winds BlowGospelWhen you die where will you goLyrics
91What You Need Is The Love Of JesusGospelWhats lacking is Jesus' loveLyrics
90What A Beautiful DayGospelPeacefilled day with the LordLyrics
89Walking With My LordGospelDaily walking with the LordLyrics
88Tie Your Boats Up BoysGospelJesus chose fishermen
as desciples
87Those Golden YearsGospelOld time Loving and caring for a person with dimentiaLyrics
86There's A Wide RoadGospelA choice of two different roads in lifeLyrics
84There Can Be No OtherGospelJesus is truly the only way Lyrics
82The Yellow School BusGospelChildren's Gospel SongLyrics
75The Greatest Love StoryGospelTruly a great love storyLyrics
72The First Sign of RainGospelRelying on God’s wordat the first sign of trouble ...Lyrics
71The Devil Owns The FenceGospelIndecision results for fence sittersLyrics
70The Dark Side Of The ValleyGospelA sons return to GodLyrics
68The Angels Are CallingGospelMilitary A dying soldier to his motherLyrics
67Tell Mama I Met Her JesusGospelReformed son sending dying message to momLyrics
66Tell Him You Know JesusGospelbucking SatanLyrics
58Reach Down And Touch Me LordGospelBless me LordLyrics
57Pretty Little DressesGospelVery sad Dress maker sewing dresses for drug babiesLyrics
52Mothers Christmas PrayerGospel Mother missing son at ChristmasLyrics
50Lord Teach Me To Dance In The RainGospelOvercoming problemsLyrics
40Lord open up my eyesGospelTeach me to see JesusLyrics
48Lord Build A Burning Fire In MeGospelChildren Get me serving God Lyrics
46Little Jessica RoseGospelVery sad Little girls Covid death brings sorrow
brings sorrow
44Letter From the Rich ManGospelWarning about Hell from a sinnerLyrics
43Let’s all sing about itGospelSinging about being savedsavedLyrics
38Jesus Washed My Sins AwayGospelHe cleaned me upLyrics
37It Wasn't The NailsGospelJesus' love for you kept him on the cross not the nailsLyrics
36It Helps Me When I RememberGospelRecalling the price Jesus paid for meLyrics
34If You Have To Ask Why I Follow JesusGospelJesus is the answer to why I am what I amLyrics
33I'm Going HomeGospelWhen the trumpet sounds Heaven boundLyrics
32I'm Breaking In A Brand New Pair Of ShoesGospelGetting used to God's directing their pathLyrics
31I'll See You In Heaven MommaGospelDying soldier to meet his mother in HeavenLyrics
29I Want To FlyGospelWanting to be raptured at the end timesLyrics
28I Love It When I Hear God's People SingGospelHearing God's people sing brings joyLyrics
27I Heard It From A StrangerGospelGood Samatarian tells of JesusLyrics
26I Have A Friend IndeedGospelChildrens about Knowing JesusLyrics
25I Don't Walk In Sin No MoreGospelHappily saved from sinLyrics
24How Great Are The SignsGospelPraise WorshipLyrics
23Hosanna HosannaGospelPraise WorshipLyrics
21Heading For The River JordanGospelAssurance of being savedLyrics
18Have You Ever See The Beauty Of A RainbowGospelA song of hopeLyrics
17God's Greatest Gift To ManGospelJesus --God's giftLyrics
41God's Great Love Poured DownGospelThe Anointing of God at the cross
16God We've Got To TalkGospelQuestioning GodLyrics
15Glory Halleluja I'm Free IndeedGospelSet free by JesusLyrics
14Fill My Heart With Your Love LordGospelBlessing me LordLyrics
12Don't let Ol' Satan Steal Your SoulGospelAlternative Satan is out to get youLyrics
11Don't Give in, Don't Look BackGospelAlternative Dont yield to temptationLyrics
9Daddy's Christmas TreeGospelChristmas Daddy explains Jesus is the reasonLyrics
6Anoint my Head LordGospelBlessing Wanting more Lyrics
5Angels on CallGospelAssurance Limitless AngelsLyrics
4A Tribute to MotherGospelMom's funeral song...Lyrics
3A Tribute to Dad GospelDad’s funeral song...Lyrics
2A Small Glimpse of HeavenGospelAssured dream about being in Heaven...Lyrics
1A Little Bit of LightGospel
Assurance having faithLyrics

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